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College Mobi is a unique and invaluable resource to agents who want to help students interested in studying in USA. There are thousands of courses to choose from in USA and College Mobi helps agents and students search and compare all these courses to find their best option.

Processing - We manage your student applications for placement into major course providers in USA.
Convenience - We offer multiple study options and full study placement services - choose what's best for you.
Transparent - We'll send updates every step of the way - or you can track the status of your applications online.
Fast - Applications are typically placed within 12-48 hours. We'll help you beat the deadline.
Accounts - Track and settle your accounts with ease!
Real Support - 24/7 multilingual support - by chat, phone or email.

It's easy! Simply fill out the Become a Partner form and your information will be sent to the College Mobi team for review. Once College Mobi have appraised your submission, you will be notified about the outcome of your application.
Education Agents will be contracted by College Mobi to ensure compliance with the marketing and application process and to provide the international student with the best possible outcome and support services.

There are many benefits when you become a member of College Mobi. Our expertise makes the process of enrolment time efficient and cost effective. This will help to ensure you build a reputation for quality outcomes for your international students.
By partnering with College Mobi, education agents can concentrate on what they do best – promoting the opportunity to local candidates - while College Mobi looks after the rest.
You will be able to manage a greater volume of business with more accuracy. The international student will be appropriately processed, and have a large range of education options and quality service partners.
Once you have successfully registered as a Channel Partner, one of our staffs will be in touch with you to go through the official agreement which, amongst other things, will detail further information, steps to take, and a full list of incentives for you.

We are currently working on completing the application management system, to be completed by the end of 2015. For further information please Contact Us.

The time it takes varies on the institution you have applied to. Generally, the bigger the institution, the longer it takes for the application to be processed and the offer to come through. Sometimes the institution will require further information on your student's application. This can lengthen the time it takes to process the application, but we will notify you when this happens.

College Mobi is expanding very quickly and working very hard at getting permission from all USAn institutions to use College Mobi as a booking platform. Our current BETA site currently displays only a few Education Providers in USA, until we work out all the kinks to make sure you get the best working product. We hope to have the full site to you as soon as possible. You can help us improve College Mobi by submitting your comments on the Contact Us page.

There are 5 main types of courses offered in USA: Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, English Course and Pathways.
Diplomas are generally offered by smaller institutions and generally take 1 year to complete.
Undergraduate courses are more highly regarded than diplomas and generally take 3 years to complete. Undergraduate courses are called Bachelor's degrees.
Postgraduate courses are a further step up from undergraduate. You need to have a Bachelor's degree in order to apply for a postgraduate course. Examples of postgraduate studies include Masters and PhD Degrees.
English Courses are courses designed specifically for foreign students to learn English. After completing an English course, students receive a certificate that indicates their level of English.
Pathways programs are special types of diplomas that offer guaranteed entry into an undergraduate course upon successful completion. English language courses can also be pathway programs to diplomas or undergraduate courses.

Future Unlimited is the official USAn government website for international students. It is a fantastic resource that provides general information about studying in USA and it can be viewed in several different languages.

USA is becoming more and more popular as a study destination. Apart from offering highly regarded qualifications across a range of fields of study, it is consistently ranked in the world's top 10 most liveable countries, with 3 of its cities ranking in the world's top 10 most liveable cities. USA has a welcoming, multicultural society with citizens originating from all over the world. On top of this, USA cities are safe and clean, with lower crime rates than the Australia and UK.

College Mobi, in partnership with the Partnered Allianz Global Education (PAGE) program, brings together a network of key service suppliers who all share a commitment to quality, standards and 'best practice' for international students and the international education industry in USA.

Current PAGE recommended services include:

Health Insurance
Orientation to USA - Before You Leave Home
Preparing for Studying in USA
International Student Leadership Program
Massive Open Online English Course (MOOEC)
Agent Training
Online Education
IT and Personal Internet on Arrival

You can contact one of our trained staffs on 1300 eApply (327 759) if you're calling within USA, or on 856-448-7350 if you are calling from overseas or email

Our partnered institutions will appear at the top of the search results alphabetically, then our not-yet partnered institutions will appear below!

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