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Aeronautical Engineering Subjects: Specialisations

Given below are some of the Aeronautical Engineering subjects which are available as specialisation options for students across the world.

  • Aircraft Transportation Systems
  • Aerospace Propulsion
  • Aerodynamics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Communication
  • Instrumentation
  • Aircraft Materials
  • Electronic Systems
  • Ground Vehicle Systems

Curriculum Breakdown of Aeronautical Engineering Subjects

Aerospace Engineering Systems

Introduction to Design, Solid Modelling, Computer-aided Simulation, Microcontrollers, Embedded Programming, Signals and Sensors, Computer-aided Design, Simulation and Fabrication.

Solid Mechanics and Aerospace Structures :

Aerospace Structural Components, Stress and Strain Measures and Transformation, Axially Loaded Bars, Failure and Fracture Criteria, Beam Theory and Torsion of Bars.

Computer-Aided Design

Computer Generation of Geometric Models, Design Parameters, Trade-off Diagrams, Finite-element Modelling and Analysis, Computer Designing for Dynamics and Fluids..

Aircraft Design

Aircraft Design Process, Aircraft Polars, High Lift Devices, Drag Estimation, Design Speeds, Propeller Design, Level Flight and Trim, Aircraft Structural Design, Aeroelasticity and Wing Divergence.

Thermodynamics, Gas and Fluid Dynamics

Conservation Laws, Fluid Properties, One-dimensional Flows, Shock and Expansion Waves, Molecular and Continuum Concepts, Flows in Nozzles and Thermodynamics Laws.

Fluid Dynamics

Equations of Motion for Flight Vehicles, Computer Simulation of Flight Vehicles, Flight Vehicle Dynamics and Control and Flight-oriented Models.

Aircraft Propulsion

Combustion Processes, Air-breathing Propulsion, Rocket Propulsion, Advanced Propulsion, Thermodynamics, Turbojets, Turbofans, Nuclear Propulsion Systems and Rocket Engines.


Fundamental Concepts, Potential Flow, Lift, Turbulence, Compressibility Boundary Layers, Airfoil Design, Aerodynamics of 3D Design and High-speed Aerodynamics.

Aircraft and Spacecraft Structures

Equations of Linear Elasticity, Boundary Value Problem, Deformation of Structural Elements: Shafts, Bars, Plates etc, Mechanics of Structural Stability, Structural Vibration and Numerical Methods.

Aircraft Dynamics

Dynamic Equations of Motion, Linear Systems Theory, Aircraft Lateral Flight Dynamics, Stability Derivatives and Modern Computational Tools.

Aircraft Control

Stability Analysis, Effect of Delay and Zeros, State-space Models, Observers, Coupled-axis Control, Effect of Nonlinearities, Application to Aircraft and Spacecraft.

Finite Elements in Mechanical and Structural Analysis

Virtual Work Energy Formulations, Linear Finite Elements-based Upon Displacements, Applications to Structures like Trusses, Beams, Shells, General Solids and Quasi-static Displacement.

Solid and Structural Mechanics

Linear Elasticity, Boundary Value Problem Formulation and Solution Techniques, Energy Methods, Thin-walled Aerospace Structures and Small Strain Elasto-plasticity.

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